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Maui Eat Local Takes a Stand against Fast Food Invasion

In the picturesque paradise of Maui, where the beauty of nature and the vibrant spirit of the island converge, a culinary revolution is underway. Fueled by a deep love for local ingredients, flavors, and community, a group of passionate chefs, led by the visionary Chef Brian Etheredge, has launched a movement called Maui Eat Local. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to encourage residents and visitors alike to dine out at local restaurants and support local grocers. This movement comes as a response to the concerning rise of fast-food chains in Kahului and Wailuku, threatening to dilute the essence of Maui’s culinary identity.
A Culinary Revolution


Speed over Quality

The Rise of Fast Food Chains

As the popularity of Maui as a tourist destination continues to grow, so does the demand for quick and convenient dining options. This summer, a wave of new fast-food chains has swept into Kahului and Wailuku, causing concern among the local community. These chains often prioritize speed and efficiency over quality and authenticity, neglecting the rich culinary heritage that Maui has to offer.
Chef Brian Etheredge of Private Maui Chef, a renowned culinary figure on the island, has taken up the mantle to preserve Maui’s unique food culture. As the spearhead of Maui Eat Local, he aims to rekindle the appreciation for local ingredients and the farm-to-table philosophy that defines the island’s cuisine. With his extensive experience and passion for the local community, Chef Etheredge envisions a future where residents and visitors choose local flavors and support the local economy.
Eat Local Maui

Chef Brian Etheredge Takes the Lead

Support local farmers

Dining Out at Local Restaurants

One of the pillars of Maui Eat Local is to encourage people to explore the diverse array of local restaurants. These hidden gems showcase the best of Maui’s culinary offerings, where talented chefs craft exquisite dishes using locally sourced ingredients. By dining out at these establishments, not only do patrons enjoy exceptional meals, but they also support the livelihoods of local farmers, fishermen, and artisans who supply these restaurants with fresh, high-quality produce.
In addition to promoting local restaurants, #MauiEatLocal advocates for buying from local grocers. These independent stores are the backbone of Maui’s food ecosystem, offering a wide range of fresh produce, spices, and other essential ingredients. By consciously choosing to shop at these establishments, individuals contribute to the sustainability of local agriculture, reducing the island’s reliance on imported goods and fostering a stronger sense of food security.
Sustainability and security

Supporting Local Grocers

experience the essence

Embracing the Benefits

Embracing the #MauiEatLocal movement comes with numerous benefits for both individuals and the community. By opting for local cuisine, diners experience the true essence of Maui’s flavors, crafted with passion and care. Moreover, supporting local businesses helps retain the island’s unique identity, strengthens the local economy, and preserves the natural beauty of the surroundings by reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing food.
Maui Eat Local, led by the visionary Chef Brian Etheredge of Private Maui Chef, is a movement that seeks to counter the influx of fast-food chains and celebrate the vibrant culinary heritage of the island. By choosing to dine out at local restaurants and buying from local grocers, residents and visitors alike can savor the authentic flavors of Maui while nurturing the community that sustains them. Let us embrace this flavorful revolution, protect the cultural legacy of the island, and ensure that Maui’s culinary treasures continue to flourish for generations to come.
Nurture the community


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