Started by chef and restauranteur Dan Fiske, Private Maui Chef has been providing top-notch quality service throughout the islands for 12 years. When Fiske moved to the Pacific Northwest to open Watershed in Leavenworth Washington, his good friend and collaborator Brian Etheredge took over the company. Chef Etheredge has assembled a team of highly skilled chefs who are dedicated to continuing Fiske’s missionof delivering impeccable food and service, using the freshest locally sourced ingredients, and setting the scene for memorable dining experiences.

Chef Brian Etheredge

Owner and chef Brian Etheredge has been captivated by the culinary world since he was 13 years old. Delving into the world of elite restaurants after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, he arrived in Maui in 1998 where he opened the award-winning restaurant Capische. During his time on the islands Chef Etheredge has become a leader in shaping the culinary scene across Hawaii and has been an advocate for sustainability before it became an industry norm. Etheredge has been working with the same local farmers for more than 19 years. His relationships with the growers and producers ensure the freshest local ingredients which not only taste better, but help to sustain the environment and support the community. Brian is also a commercial fisherman with the ability and knowledge to handpick the best quality seafood for an exceptional dining experience.

Brian has excelled as both a chef and restaurant owner, winning numerous awards ranging from Maui Chef of the Year to Restaurant of the Year and Most Romantic Restaurant. He is widely acclaimed for his culinary innovations, creative dishes, and welcoming hospitality.

As a father and chef Brian Etheredge believes that food is about making memories. His private events and exquisite culinary masterpieces are accompanied by a full scene-setting so every diner has an experience that lasts far beyond the final bite of dessert.

Chef Joe

When Joe cooks for you, he puts his heart on the table. You’ll experience a fulfilling and satisfying “good home grubbing”. Each dish will be colorful, flavorful, and down right delicious.

Joe has been cooking all his life.  His father always told people that he has been cooking since he could reach the microwave. Growing up in a large Italian family he was surrounded by food, family and laughter. During a visit to Maui his senior year in high school, he stayed and began his professional journey as a chef. From this day he hasn’t looked back. Drawing from his memories with his family, he continues to find inspiration each time he enters the kitchen. Nothing brings him more joy than creating a meal for you and your guests, to have and enjoy, while you create new memories with your family and loved ones.

Menus he enjoys preparing for you: Whatever your heart’s desire. Be sure to add gnocchi to the menu.

Chef Josh

When Josh cooks for you, you’ll experience an artistic presentation and an explosion of layered flavoring showcasing the dedication and love he puts in all his dishes. They will be playful, exciting, and beautiful.

The deep love Josh has for family & food paved a clear path for him as a chef. In 2000 his journey officially began where his passion, raw talent and strong work ethic helped him quickly work his way to chef in high-end restaurants on Maui with Hawaiian Asian influenced dishes. His devotion to balance new flavors and choice ingredients inspire him daily to present each dish in the most creative way.

Menus he enjoys preparing for you – Your favorite dishes where he’ll bring life and energy to them, leaving you with a memorable life experience

Food Fun – When Josh sits down for a meal, his favorite is Sushi with his son. When it comes to preparing meals, his loves anything with fresh local seafood where he can showcase new and exciting flavor combinations. If Josh could be any fruit he would be a dragon fruit because of its interesting exterior look and the anticipated surprise of color inside.

Chef Pete

When Pete cooks for you, you’ll experience ‘simple’ dishes with complex flavor profiles and diverse textures. They will be fresh, flavorful and refined.

As the anchor of Pete’s family, cooking is ingrained in Pete’s heart. In 2011 he trained at Le Cordon Bleu in classic French where he refined his technique and flavor profiles. Soon after he graduated, his Maui roots and dishes from his grandmother and father inspired him to dive deep into the contemporary Hawaiian and Japanese food landscape. With the the abundance of local produce and seafood available he is continually inspired to prepare the freshest refined meal.

Menus he enjoys preparing for youJapanese, Izakaya, Omakase, Sushi Platters, Korean, Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Contemporary Hawaiian, and more!

Food Fun – When Pete sits down for a meal, his favorite is Sushi. When it comes to preparing meals, he loves to prepare Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodle). If Pete could be any fruit, hands down it’s an avocado because they are simply the best!

Chef Emily

When Emily cooks for you, you’ll feel the truly holistic nature of dining. Every aspect of the meal will be earnest, nuanced and decadent. When creating an experience for a client, all possible details are attended to from curating aesthetics to wine pairings & everything from tablescaping to playlist selection for your event.

In addition to being part of the Chef team, Emily is the company sommelier & beverage director. Services include everything from “spirit free” beverages for sober events to managing your private wine cellar. She has a number of beverage programs for clients to consult & is happy to create something completely bespoke.

Menus she enjoys preparing for youAnything our clients desire executed in the “nouvelle cuisine” style. Essentially breaking dishes down into their freshest ingredients, showcasing flavor & the inherent luxury in simplicity.

Growing up in New York City, Emily was surrounded by international cuisine & exotic techniques & ingredients. Shortly after college, she trained and traveled around the world working the line in busy London pubs, cooking at a bio dynamic farm and chalet in Switzerland, and working as a sommelier on yachts in Malta and in the Hamptons. Her travels continue to drive her experimental style in the kitchen & bar and love of the freshest gourmet ingredients.

Food Fun – When Emily sits down for a meal, she most loves her mothers pizza & a radicchio salad. Her favorite to prepare is a huge British Yuletide feast with canapés, a punch bowl, a massive standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, all the sides, magnums of wine and epic flaming desserts! If Emily could be any fruit, she would be grapes because there’s a bunch of them.

Chef Maya

When Maya cooks for you, you’ll immediately sense the freshness of the ingredients and quickly feel a desire to devour the tasty & visually appetizing food presented to you. Each item will be nourishing, healthy and elegantly prepared.

Menus she enjoys preparing for youVegan, Mexican, Gluten free, Indian/Asian.

Growing up, Maya’s mom picked up the freshest ingredients from the Maui markets and their home gardens. The beauty of each fruit and vegetable made preparing meals deeply enjoyable. As Maya’s interest in cooking continued to blossom, she studied at the Oregon Culinary Institute in 2017 and over the years worked at many established kitchens in Portland. In 2022, she returned to Maui to find her passion for an abundance of local ingredients and a health focused community welcome her home. It is here she is continually inspired to create healthy dishes that are even more beautiful than their raw ingredients. And, yes…this gorgeous food also tastes incredible!

Food Fun – When Maya sits down for a meal, her favorite is Sushi. When it comes to preparing meals, her most favorite is a mushroom corn risotto with burrata and an heirloom tomato salad. If Maya could be any fruit, she’d be a lilikoi because it’s sweet and tangy.

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