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Prepare to embark on a delectable journey that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the sun-kissed shores of Maui. With each captivating post, Private Maui Chef unveils a world of mouthwatering creations, showcasing the finest ingredients sourced from the island’s bountiful land and sparkling waters. Indulge in the vibrant colors, and expertly crafted dishes. From elegant fine dining to laid-back beachside feasts, Private Maui Chef’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of culinary inspiration, where gastronomy meets art. Join the ever-growing community of food enthusiasts who are captivated by the Chef’s innovative techniques, deep-rooted respect for local flavors, and commitment to sustainability. Prepare to be whisked away on a culinary adventure that will leave you craving more. Follow @privatemauichef on Instagram and immerse yourself in the flavors of paradise.

Extending Heartfelt Love and Support to Those Impacted by the Disaster.

Captain Chimo of @fresh_fish_maui and our dedicated crew are embarking on missions to Lahaina by boat, delivering essential supplies and aiding in the evacuation of individuals in need.

We earnestly appeal to the community for your assistance in contributing supplies. The shortage of gas and propane has created a pressing concern, as these resources are not being made readily available. In light of this, our efforts will be concentrated on procuring these crucial items.

We kindly request that you bring your fuel and propane tanks to our collection point at 372 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku. If you prefer us to make the purchase, text 808-818-8322. We'll send you a secure link to contribute the amount for fuel and propane.

Your generosity will go a long way in providing relief during this challenging time. Mahalo Nui Loa Iā 'Oe!

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At Private Maui Chef, we believe in the power of fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared with love and care. Our dedicated team of chefs embrace the island’s rich agricultural heritage, forging relationships with local farmers, fishermen, and artisans to ensure that every dish we create showcases the finest flavors that Maui has to offer.

#Repost @themadamedonut 
I made you a cake! 🎂 

First, I made ladyfingers from scratch, because why not?
And then a Genoise, and Mango Mousse, and filled and topped with Strawberries. 

Voilà! 😋💕

Mango🥭 Strawberry 🍓 Charlotte Cake 🍰
Visit us online at privatemauichef.com

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Fresh 🦪🍋 


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